Install Xubuntu 9.04 to a Flash Drive using the CD

The following tutorial explains How to Install Xubuntu 9.04 to a USB Flash Drive using the USB Creator (Created by the Ubuntu Team). Installing Xubuntu 9.04 to a FLash Drive using this approach will enable the use of the persistence feature (via a persistence loop file) that will be used to to save your basic changes like desktop modifications,  settings, and browser bookmarks and then restore those changes on subsequent boots.

Xubuntu 9.04 Screenshot

Xubuntu 9.0.4 Desktop Screenshot

Xubuntu is a product of Canonical Ltd

Distribution Home Page:

Minimum Flash Drive Capacity: 1GB

Persistent Feature: Yes

Xubuntu 9.04 Live USB install requirements

  • Xubuntu 9.04 CD
  • Working CD/DVD Drive
  • Working internet connection
  • 1GB USB Flash Drive (Use a 2GB or larger)

Install Xubuntu 9.04 to USB via the USB Creator:

  1. Download the Xubuntu 9.04 torrent, then proceed to download the ISO using your favorite torrent client and finally, burn the ISO to a CD
  2. Restart your computer, booting from the Live CD
  3. Insert a 1GB or larger USB flash drive
  4. Open a Terminal by clicking Applications > Accessories > TerminalOpen Terminal Xubuntu
  5. Type or copy and paste the following commands into the Terminal:

    sudo su
    apt-get install usb-creator

  6. From the Window that appears, (1) Confirm the USB disk to use, (2) Select the option Stored in reserved extra space and adjust the slider to set capacity to use, (3) Click the Make Startup Disk button:Creating a Xubuntu 9.04 Flash Drive
  7. A Progress bar will indicate the progress of the Live USB installation:Installing Xubuntu 9.0.4 to USB - Progress
  8. Xubuntu 9.04 Flash Drive Install Complete

  9. When the install has finished, remove the CD, restart your computer and set your boot menu or BIOS to boot from the USB device.

You should now be booting from Xubuntu9.04 on your USB flash drive, persistently saving most changes you make to the casper-rw loop file.