Using a Portable VirtualBox to run Linux from USB

Portable VirtualBox was an unofficial Portable Wrapper for VirtualBox, created by Micha. An improved version is currently being offered by Tibo, the author of the LiLi USB Creator. VirtualBox is officially a product of Oracle. It is an emulator or virtual machine that can be used to run various Operating Systems via Disk Images, ISO's and CD/DVD's as a guest OS from within another Host Operating Environment. By using Micha/Tibo's portable wrapper, VirtualBox can be stored and run entirely from a USB device.

VirtualBox Home Page:

Micha's Portable Wrapper for VirtualBox:

Tibo's Portable VirtualBox Zip: Tibo's Portable Version of VirtualBox

Installing and running VirtualBox Portably from USB

  1. Download Tibo's VirtualBox zip
  2. Extract the contents from the zip to your USB Flash Drive
  3. Navigate to the VirtualBox folder on your USB device and click VirtualBox.exe
  4. Select the existing LiveLinux Entry, and click Start
    Portable VirtualBox - Running Linux on Windows from USB

If a Linux Distro exists on your USB Flash Drive, it should run from Virtualbox, via the available LiveLinux entry. Otherwise you can use our "Universal USB Installer" or Tibo's "LiLi USB Creator" to put a Linux Distro on USB, and then re-attempt to run it using Virtualbox.

VirtualBox running Sabayon Linux from a Flash Drive

Portable Virtualbox running Sabayon Linux from a Flash Drive

Using a Portable VirtualBox to run Linux from USB published under USB Virtual Machine Emulation