Install NimbleX to a Flash Drive using the CD

The following tutorial covers the process of installing NimbleX to a portable USB flash drive, pen drive, USB stick or thumb drive using the Live CD. Much like SLAX, NimbleX is a tiny Slackware based release (less than 200MB) that was designed to fit on a 8cm CD. The screenshots and tutorial was put together and submitted by Georgescu Ciprian.

Distribution Home Page: NimbleX

Minimum Flash Drive Capacity: 256MB

Persistent Feature: Yes

NimbleX USB flash drive installation requirements:

  • USB flash drive 256M+
  • NimbleX ISO
  • CD Burner

NimbleX Screenshot:

NimbleX Screenshot

How to install NimbleX to a USB flash drive:

  1. Download the NimbleX ISO and burn to a CD
  2. Boot your PC from the NimbleX CD
  3. From the Home icon (on the Desktop), double-click the "NimbleX USB Install" icon
  4. Press Enter or click (OK) after you have read the installer notice
  5. USB Installer Notice

  6. Carefully select where the drive you want to install NimbleX to
  7. Select a USB device to install NibleX to

  8. Adjust how much space to reserve for NimbleX on your USB drive
  9. Set partition size

  10. Read the format warning and if you are sure press Enter
  11. Warning message

  12. The next three Screenshots show the process during the install
  13. Nimblex USB flash drive install in progress…

  14. You may have the choice to let NimbleX to save changes (persistence)
  15. Save changes? NimbleX Persistence

  16. The last screen tells you NimbleX is now installed on USB
  17. Finished NimbleX USB install

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