Make Backtrack (KALI) Linux USB Bootable

How to Make a USB Bootable KALI Linux Flash Drive using YUMI from within Windows. Backtrack was a Live Linux distribution that was originally based on SLAX. It was designed to be a distribution focused purely on penetration testing. As a result, it comes prepackaged with security tools including network analyzers, password crackers, wireless tools and fuzzers. The following tutorial covers the process of running KALI from a USB flash drive.

USB Booting KALI – Backtrack Linux

BackTrack in action running from USB

Distribution Home Page:

Persistent Feature: Yes

Essentials to USB Boot KALI Linux:

  • YUMI (does the conversion)
  • Flash Drive (fat32 formatted)
  • Windows 8/10 
  • Computer that can boot from USB

How to create a USB Bootable KALI Linux

  1. Download and launch YUMI
  2. (1) Select your Flash Drive.
    (2) Then choose Kali (Penetration Testing) from the list of distros.
    (3) Browse to your ISO file, and then click Create.
    USB Bootable KALI Linux
  3. Once the YUMI USB Installer has finished, reboot your PC and set the BIOS or Boot menu to boot from the USB device.

Finally, if all went well, you should be presented with a YUMI Boot Menu option that allows you to select and run KALI from USB.