Ubuntu Installer Not Detecting Hard Drive

Ubuntu Installer Not Detecting Hard Drive: I recently experienced a problem installing Ubuntu on a particular computer. Ubuntu's Ubiquity Installer was not detecting my SATA hard drive, although sudo fdisk -l found the drive just fine, and the drive also appeared in gparted. As it turns out, the SATA drive had left over raid configuration information that was telling the installer to skip the drive (as if it was unsupported). In the following tutorial, I will show you what I did to get Ubuntu to detect the SATA hard drive, so that I could proceed and install Ubuntu.

Making the Ubuntu Installer Detect SATA Hard Drive

Ubuntu Installer Not Detecting Hard Drive? Try to perform the following steps and see if the issue is resolved.

  1. Boot Ubuntu from a Live CD or Live USB
  2. Open a Terminal (Applications > Accessories > Terminal) and type sudo su
  3. Type fdisk -l (note which device is your SATA drive)
  4. Type dmraid -E -r /dev/sdX
    (Replacing X with your actual device found in step 3)
  5. Confirm that yes, you wish to remove the dmraid information
  6. Return to the desktop and proceed to run the Ubuntu Installer

If all goes well, the Installer should now detect your SATA hard drive and allow you to install Ubuntu to the disk as usual.