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Boot any Linux ISO from USB in Windows

The following tutorial explains how to use Qemu to boot any Linux ISO version from a portable USB flash device while still working within Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP and Vista. This Enables the user to have both systems running at the same time eliminating the need to restart the PC and set your BIOS options to boot Linux from USB.

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Run any Live Linux CD from within Windows

Normally, the tutorials featured here pertain to running Linux from a USB flash pen drive or other portable USB device. However, this tutorial explains how to run that Live Linux CD/DVD you might have sitting around from within Windows using Qemu Emulation. That's right, you can run a Live Linux CD using your CD/DVD drive from your windows desktop without rebooting. The advantages are two fold. You can run Linux on top of Windows from a CD or DVD without any installation to another storage media. In addition, this process eliminates the need to restart your PC and set your BIOS options to boot Linux from CD or USB.

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Running Makeboot.bat in Vista

Some Windows Vista users may experience an issue when attempting to run the makeboot.bat file from their USB drive. The makeboot.bat file is suppose to install a syslinux hidden ldlinux.sys file and the MBR to make the drive bootable. However, in such cases, the script may display an error that looks something like the following:

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