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Install xPUD to a Flash Drive from Windows

Create a xPUD Persistent USB Flash Drive from Windows.  xPUD is an intuitive minimal Linux Operating system. It was created by Penk and functions like a Kiosk. xPUD ships with the Firefox Browser, Gnome Media Player, Transmission Bit torrent Client, Geany Text Editor, Gpicview Picture Viewer, EPDFView and Xterm Terminal Emulator. More apps can be installed for other tasks. xPUD is optimized for Netbooks and can be run from a Desktop or Laptop just as well (drivers are available). The entire xPUD Operating environment can boot in just a few seconds from a USB device.

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Install PUD Linux to a Flash Drive using Windows

Create a PUD Linux USB Flash Drive using Windows. In the following tutorial, we cover the process of installing PUD Linux to a USB Flash Drive using Windows and our custom installation script. PUD Linux is a tiny 259MB Ubuntu based remix. It utilizes an (LXDE) Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment and a unique Modular Opt-Get Plugin System to add additional software applications.

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