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Install Linux Mint 8 to a Flash Drive in Windows

How to easily Install Linux Mint 8 Helena to USB Flash Drive using Windows. In the following tutorial, we explain how to use Windows and our third party Universal USB Installer to create your own Portable Linux Mint 8 USB Flash Drive. Linux Mint 8 Helena is maintained by Clement Lefebvre and is based on Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala.  Amongst many features, Linux Mint offers improved graphical enhancements (some think it looks and feels better than Ubuntu). We think it's simply beautiful!

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Make a USB Boot CD for Linux Mint 8 or 9

Make a USB Boot CD for Linux Mint that can be used to boot Linux Mint from a USB flash memory stick on computers with a BIOS that does not natively support booting from USB. The USB Boot CD created using the following process utilizes a grub bootloader to launch the vmlinuz kernel and initrd from the CD. The USB driver modules enable detection of the filesystem.squashfs on the USB device. The filesystem is then decompressed and Linux Mint proceeds to load.

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Create a Linux Mint 8 USB Flash Drive from CD

In the following section we show you one way to create a Linux Mint 8 Flash Drive using the Ubuntu USB Startup Disk Creator while running from a Linux Mint 8 Live CD. Linux Mint 8 is a remix based on Ubuntu 9.10 that sports a new look and integrated media codecs. After completing this segment, you should have a USB Linux Mint 8 Flash Drive that utilizes the casper-rw persistent loopback file option for saving and restoring your changes on subsequent boots.
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