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Install Puppy Linux to a Flash Drive using the CD

In this simple USB Puppy Linux tutorial we illustrate how to easily Create a Puppy Linux USB Flash Drive using the Universal installer included on the Puppy Linux CD. Puppy is a unique Linux compilation created by Barry Kauler. It is super small, yet contains many useful tools and utilities. Most versions of Puppy Linux will fit on a 256MB USB stick. Making it great to install to those older tiny thumb drives you might have sitting around.

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Run any Live Linux CD from within Windows

Normally, the tutorials featured here pertain to running Linux from a USB flash pen drive or other portable USB device. However, this tutorial explains how to run that Live Linux CD/DVD you might have sitting around from within Windows using Qemu Emulation. That's right, you can run a Live Linux CD using your CD/DVD drive from your windows desktop without rebooting. The advantages are two fold. You can run Linux on top of Windows from a CD or DVD without any installation to another storage media. In addition, this process eliminates the need to restart your PC and set your BIOS options to boot Linux from CD or USB.

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Install PCLinuxOS MiniMe to a Flash Drive from CD

This tutorial covers the process of installing PCLinuxOS MiniMe to a USB flash thumb drive from within a Linux operating environment (using the Live CD). PCLinuxOS ranks as our second favorite Distro, trailing just behind Ubuntu. For this tutorial, we are booting from the PCLinuxOS MiniMe CD and using this as the installation platform, however, the installation procedure will work from other environments as well.

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