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Fast SSD USB Flash Drives – Solid State

Extreme-Pro SSD

Here you'll find some of the Fastest and most reliable (Solid State) SSD USB Flash Drives that I personally use for YUMI, and recommend buying. Solid State USB Flash Drives can be much more pleasant to work with than NAND based drives (assuming your PC is USB 3.0 capable). This is due to their greatly increased read + write speeds along with better reliability. SSD devices tend to last longer as they aren't affected by the reduced write limitations imposed on NAND cells. So theoretically, it is possible to run an uncompressed full Operating System from an SSD USB drive, without the fear of premature failure.

Having had the opportunity over the past decade and a half to test hundreds of external USB devices; commonly referred to as UFD, pen drives, thumb drives and memory sticks. I have come to the conclusion that while some work great, others don't. As a result, this page lists only my top pick of high quality fast solid state flash drives. Also included are recommended multiport USB hubs.
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