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Install Kubuntu 8.10 to a Flash Drive from CD

Kubuntu 8.10 Live USB Creation: The following tutorial covers the process of installing Kubuntu 8.10 to a USB flash drive using the USB Creator created by the Ubuntu team. Kubuntu is a derivative of Ubuntu but uses the popular KDE desktop environment instead of Gnome. Installing Kubuntu 8.10 to a flash drive via the following method makes use of the persistence feature (via a persistence loop file) to save your changes and restore them on subsequent boots.

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Put Kubuntu on a USB from Windows

Kubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

Put Kubuntu on a USB Flash Drive using Windows: Kubuntu is a fork of Ubuntu, offered by Canonical Ltd. It utilizes a KDE desktop environment. KDE is often preferred over Gnome for its visual appearance and Windows familiar functionality. Once finished, your Flash Drive will act as a Live Bootable USB, that could be used in place of the Live CD. A persistent file can optionally be created for saving and restoring changes on subsequent reboots.

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