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Put Ubuntu on USB using Windows

Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop Screenshot

Create an Ubuntu Live USB Flash Drive from within Windows. In the following tutorial, we show you an easy way to put Ubuntu on a USB Flash Drive using Windows. Once finished, you should be able to successfully run Ubuntu directly from your Flash Drive just as you could from a Live CD. Here we will also utilize the Ubuntu casper-rw feature via this installation method. So you can rest assured that you will still be able to persistently save and restore your changes on subsequent boots.

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Install Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy to USB using Windows

How to Create an Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy USB Flash Drive using Windows and the Ubuntu Live CD. Upon completion, the user will be able to boot and run a Portable Ubuntu Edgy from the USB thumb drive. This tutorial utilizes multiple partitions to enable the user to save changes and settings back to the flash thumb drive and restore them persistently. Note that the second partition must be labeled "casper-rw" to use the "persistent" feature and save changes back to the stick.

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CoLinux Portable Ubuntu for Windows

Portable Ubuntu Remix for Windows (Pubuntu) is a project headed by Claudio Cacsar Sa¡nchez Tejeda that uses CoLinux (Cooperative Linux) to enable a user to run Ubuntu on top of Windows. CoLinux, a port of the Linux Kernel, is an open source virtual machine that works much like Qemu (some claim it is faster). Ubuntu is a fork of Debian, and a product of Canonical Ltd. In the following tutorial, we will show you how to install and run CoLinux Portable Ubuntu from a USB flash drive or other portable device, all while you're still up and running in Windows.

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