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Use a Floppy to Boot USB Pendrive Linux

If you have a system that does not support booting from a USB device, but do have a floppy drive, you can try to boot Pendrive Linux from a USB flash drive using a Grub Boot floppy disk. When using a Boot floppy with a Grub boot loader, Grub locates the USB partition and then attempts to boot loading vmlinuz and initrd.gz from the USB device.

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Install Pendrive Linux V1 from CD

The following tutorial will enable a user to install USB Pen Drive Linux to a flash pen drive or other USB device via a customized basic Debian Linux Live CD. This installation method is especially convenient for those who may currently be running Windows on their computer and or do not have easy access to a Linux PC to otherwise perform the installation to USB via Linux.

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All In One Pendrivelinux 2008

This ALL In One version of Pendrivelinux 2008 can be run from a USB thumbdrive either natively (as a stand alone Operating System at boot), or within Windows using qemu emulation. Moreover, the user can save installed software, changes, bookmarks, email, contacts and more automatically via a persistent loop image and then restore those changes upon subsequent qemu or native boots. This is a major breakthrough as the user can now run Pendrivelinux 2008 from a USB device even if the computer cannot natively boot from USB and still save changes persistently to be restored regardless of whether booting natively or from qemu.

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