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Move WUBI to a USB Flash Drive

Modify WUBI Grub2 Boot Configuration

WUBI on USB? In the following tutorial, I'll show you how we moved a WUBI Ubuntu install to a USB Flash Drive. This is a followup of our previous move WUBI to External Hard Drive tutorial as it appears WUBI currently utilizes a different set of features and GRUB2 has replaced GRUB, making the previous tutorial obsolete.

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Move WUBI Ubuntu Install to an external USB drive

In the following tutorial, we show you how to move your existing Wubi Ubuntu install to an external USB drive. This enables you to take your Wubi install of Ubuntu with you. Moreover, because Wubi is using loopfiles (files that once mounted, act as partitions), the remaining NTFS partitioned drive space is still completely usable by Windows for storage. If you ever should decide you no longer want to play with Ubuntu, you can simply delete it from the external USB drive without the need to delete partitions etc.

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