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Install Simply MEPIS 8 to a Flash Drive in Windows

How to create a SimplyMEPIS 8 USB Flash Drive using our Universal USB Installer while running from Windows. MEPIS Linux was founded by Warren Woodford in November 2002. Warren didn’t like how current Linux desktops worked, so he decided to create his own. The first version was released to the public in May 2003. The SimplyMEPIS was originally based on Debian.

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Create a MEPIS 8 USB Key using the Live CD

How to make a “MEPIS 8 USB Key” using the official “MEPIS System Assistant” produced by MEPIS to create the MEPIS 8 Flash drive. This USB creation process is accomplished while running from the Live CD. SimplyMEPIS 8 is based on a stable Debian 5 core using the 2.6.27 Linux kernel. MEPIS Linux is a product founded by Warren Woodford.

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