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Put Mandriva on a USB Flash Drive (Windows)

OpenMandriva Live USB

This simple tutorial explains how to put Mandriva on a USB Flash Drive from within a running Windows environment by using YUMI. Once the Mandriva ISO is installed, the resulting Bootable USB Flash Drive can be used to try out OpenMandriva Live on USB, and or to install OpenMandriva from the Flash Drive to your internal Hard Drive. Instead of using a traditional CD/DVD ROM.

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Make your own portable Mandriva Flash

The following tutorial covers the process of creating or making your own Mandriva Flash drive. If you already have a USB flash drive, why not put it to use? The MCNLive team has done some outstanding work with their latest Mandriva based MCNLive CD releases. The persistent loop features and USB installer are nearly flawless. The persist boot option allows a user to save “ALL” system changes and settings back to the loop image file. This remastering process is fairly simple, so let’s get started.

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