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Accessing a Linux Ext2 or Ext3 partiton from Windows

How to access a Linux ext2 or ext3 partition from Windows. Do you have files on your Linux system you would like to share with Windows? This is especially useful if you dual boot Windows and Linux on your machine. Maybe you have some mp3's, Video's, Favorites, e-Mail and more you would like to have access to from both operating environments? You no longer have to shut down Windows and boot Linux!

Accessing a Linux partition from Windows is relatively easy to accomplish and can be done via the download of a Free utility called Explore2fs.

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How to install NVIDIA video card drivers in Debian Lenny

The following tutorial covers the process of installing the Proprietary NVIDIA video card drivers from the Nvidia Website into your Debian Lenny Linux system. We have known a lot of people who have had some issues trying to get the NVIDIA drivers to install and work with Lenny, so we decided to write this tutorial to offer up some tips and help. This tutorial should have you up and running video hardware accelerated in just a few minutes.

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Upgrading NVIDIA Drivers in Debian Lenny

One of the drawbacks to installing NVIDIA Proprietary drivers in Linux is that when the kernel is updated, you have to reinstall (recompile) the software to match the new kernel. This tutorial explains how to upgrade Proprietary NVIDIA video card drivers after your Debian Lenny Linux system has been upgraded to a new kernel version. The process is pretty much the same as installing Proprietary video card drivers from scratch with the exception that we assume your already at the shell, unable to boot into X windows due to a kernel upgrade.

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