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Install Kubuntu 9.04 to a Flash Drive using the CD

The following tutorial explains the process of installing Kubuntu 9.04 to a USB Flash Drive using the Ubuntu team’s USB Creator. Kubuntu is a derivative of Ubuntu that, instead of Gnome, utilizes a KDE desktop environment. This Kubuntu Flash Drive installation method does make use of the persistence feature, enabling you to save your desktop changes, settings and bookmarks and then restore those changes on each boot.

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Install Kubuntu 9.04 to a Flash Drive in Windows

Create a USB Persistent Kubuntu 9.04 Flash Drive using Windows. In the following tutorial, I will show you how we quickly created a Kubuntu 9.04 USB flash drive using our custom USB Installer within Windows. A product of canonical ltd, Kubuntu 9.04 features the popular, elegant and awe inspiring KDE desktop environment. This tutorial makes use of a casper persistent loop file (casper-rw) for saving and restoring most preferences, changes and downloads.

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