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Recommended USB Linux flash drives

Recommended USB flash drives for portable Linux installation: Recently, I have been testing many different USB flash devices, commonly referred to as flash drives, pen drives, thumb drives and memory sticks for Linux and BIOS booting compatibility. I have come to the conclusion that there are some drives that work great with the USB Linux tutorials and others that don't work so well for this purpose. This page lists the flash drives I have had success with.

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Testing your system for USB boot compatibility

The following tutorial will enable a user to check if a computer system can boot from a USB device and ultimately help determine if the computer can boot a Linux version from USB. In most cases if the test is successful, you should have no problem running Linux portably via syslinux. In addition to testing your PC for USB Linux boot capability, the "Memtest86+" system memory diagnostics program that is included, allows the user to scan their system memory for errors by simply booting memtest from a USB device or flash drive.

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Boot any Linux ISO from USB in Windows

The following tutorial explains how to use Qemu to boot any Linux ISO version from a portable USB flash device while still working within Windows 98, 2000, NT, XP and Vista. This Enables the user to have both systems running at the same time eliminating the need to restart the PC and set your BIOS options to boot Linux from USB.

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