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Casper-RW Creator – Make a persistent file – Windows

Pen Drive Linux Casper-RW Creator

How to Create a casper-rw persistent or writable persistence file from Windows: Written for convenience, here is a simple Casper-RW Creator tool. This software should enable its user to quickly and easily create a casper persistent image from within Windows. By simply appending the “persistent” boot parameter, the file created by this tool can be used to save or store changes. You can then restore those changes on subsequent boots.

Also known as an overlay image, this file works as a companion to your Ubuntu Live Bootable USB. Allowing the Live system to act similar to a full installation.

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How to resize casper-rw Images in Windows

How to Resize casper-rw images. TopoResize is a Free Image Resizing Tool written by Chris Semler. Initially created to resize images containing an ext2 or ext3 file system within Windows (such as those found in Colinux). You can use this nifty tool to create a new filesystem image as well as shrink or enlarge your existing images. In our case, we can also use it to resize our casper-rw loop files or even resize Pendrivelinux 2009 filesystem images. This tool works by using Cygwin to port Linux file system tools like efs2progs to Windows.

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