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BIOS settings – USB Booting Tips

The system BIOS can be complicated to someone who is not yet familiar with all of the settings. Here are a few tips to help increase your chances of successfully booting a USB Linux system. If the flash memory stick fails to boot, go back into the system BIOS and try changing some of the following settings (Be sure to take note on any changes you have made). In addition, we have included some other tips to help achieve a successful boot.

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How to remove old kernel images

At some point in time, almost every Linux user will have updated their kernel image. After you’ve used Linux with the new kernel image for a while and your content everything is working properly, you might want to remove the old Linux image or images that still reside on your system and appear as grub boot options. The following process explains how to entirely remove the old Linux image which in turn also unclutters your grub menu.

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