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How to install and enable Compiz in Debian

Installing Compiz in Debian is a relatively simple process. What is Compiz? Compiz is an advanced compositing window manager that uses 3D Graphics acceleration to produce neat graphical desktop effects. Originally succeeded by Beryl (a fork of Compiz), Berl has since merged back with Compiz and both efforts are now one. If you have a decent video card and a 3D Linux graphics hardware driver enabled, there is good reason to install and take full advantage of Compiz.

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How to install Compiz Fusion on Debian Lenny

The following tutorial covers the process of installing Compiz Fusion on Debian Lenny. Compiz is the original compositing window manager. It works by using 3D graphics acceleration via OpenGL to render. Providing intense immersing graphical effects on Gnome and KDE desktop environments. The Beryl window manager was a fork of Compiz and had shown great success. Currently, Compiz Fusion is the result of a merge between both the Beryl composite window manager and Compiz. Providing the best features of both products.

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