Run Ubuntu Server Edition from USB

Creating a Live USB Bootable Ubuntu Server Edition using YUMI from Windows. The following process covers one way to Install, Boot and Run Ubuntu Server Edition from a Flash Drive. Upon completion, you can then use the portable version to Run Ubuntu Server Edition Live or install to an internal Hard Drive. This is very useful if your computer does not have a CD/DVD Drive, but can boot from a USB device.

Live USB Bootable Ubuntu Server Edition

Ubuntu 9.10 Server Edition Installer running from USB

Distribution Home Page:

Persistent Feature: No (unnecessary)

Essentials to put Ubuntu Server Edition on USB

  • Windows PC to perform conversion
  • ubuntu*live-server*.iso
  • USB flash drive (fat32 formatted)
  • YUMI

How to Create a Live USB Bootable Ubuntu Server Edition

  1. Download and launch the YUMI USB Boot creation software.
  2. 1: First Select your Flash Drive from the drop down list.
    2: Then choose Ubuntu Server from the list of distributions.
    3: Browse to your ISO file, and then click Create.
    USB Bootable Ubuntu Server
  3. Once the YUMI script has finished, restart your PC and set your BIOS or Boot Menu to boot from the USB device. Save your changes and then reboot.

Finally, if all went well, you should be presented with the YUMI Boot Menu containing an option to boot Ubuntu Server Edition Live from your Flash Drive.