Recommended Fast USB Flash Drives and Portable External SSD

Fast USB flash drives that I recommend buying and trying. Having had the opportunity over the last several years to test several different USB flash devices, commonly referred to as UFD, pen drives, thumb drives and memory sticks. I have come to the conclusion that some work great and others simply don't work well. As a result, this page lists only the fastest flash drives, along with some of the MicroSD cards, MicroSD card readers/adapters, and multiport USB hubs that I prefer to use and highly recommend.

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What I consider to be the Best Fast USB Flash Drives

Recommended Portable External SSD Drives

Portable External SSD (Solid State Drives) are reserved for the ultimate enthusiast who craves a balance of speed, durability and multipurpose use. Boasting read and write speeds up to 550MB/s when attached to a USB 3.1 Gen II port, these drives can outperform even the fastest USB Flash Drives.

Recommended MicroSD cards and MicroSD USB card readers/adapters

Even the fastest of MicroSD cards won't be nearly as fast as the External SSD or flash drives listed above. However, if you're into MicroSD storage due to their form factor and expanded multi-purpose capabilities, here are some of the MicroSD cards and the USB to MicroSD reader/adapters I have used and recommend.

Recommended Multiport USB Hubs

And finally, the following are some multiport USB Hubs I've had good luck with.

To conclude, those are just some of the USB flash drives, MicroSD Cards, MicroSD USB Adapters, and USB Hubs used for the development and testing of YUMI and UUI. Those SanDisk Extreme Pro Series USB Drives support USB 3.1, are phenomenally fast and provide plenty of storage space for Linux distributions, Windows to Go, Windows Installers + anything else one might want to store on them. The SanDisk Extreme Pro may not be cheap, but from what I've found are of very high quality. As that old saying goes, you typically get what you pay for. Consequently, I prefer to buy, use, and suggest only quality products.

SanDisk has always been on top for portable storage media, and Samsung is a trusted brand name as well. Over the years, Pluggable has consistently offered some of the best USB Hubs available in the industry.