Put Xubuntu on a Flash Drive with Windows

Create an Xubuntu Live USB Flash Drive with Windows: In the following tutorial, we show you a simple method to put Xubuntu on a Flash Drive using Windows and the YUMI USB Boot creation software. Xubuntu, a product of Canonical Ltd, is essentially a fork of Ubuntu that utilizes the XFCE desktop environment instead of Gnome.

XFCE created by Olivier Fourdan, is both lightweight, making it less resource intensive than most other Linux desktop environments, and suitable for slower computers.

Xubuntu Live running from USB

Xubuntu running from USB

Distribution Home Page: xubuntu.org

Minimum Flash Drive Capacity: 2GB

Persistent Feature: Yes

Essentials for creating a Xubuntu Live USB

  • Windows (8/10) to perform conversion
  • Xubuntu ISO
  • 2GB or larger USB flash drive (Fat32 formatted)
  • YUMI (does the conversion)

Create an Xubuntu Live USB from Windows

  1. Download and launch the -> YUMI Bootable USB creation software.
  2. (1) Select your Flash Drive from the drop list. (2) Next, choose Xubuntu for the distribution. (3) Browse and select the ISO file. (4) Optionally, set a persistent file size for storing changes, and then Click Create.
    Xubuntu Live USB
  3. Once the script has finished, restart your PC and set your BIOS or Boot Menu to boot from the USB device, save your changes and reboot

That’s all there is to it, you should now proceed to boot from your Xubuntu Live USB.