Put System Rescue CD on USB using Windows

System Rescue CD is a Linux-based live system that is designed to provide a variety of tools for repairing and recovering computers. It is primarily used to troubleshoot and repair an unbootable or otherwise damaged computer systems after a system crash. Helping you fix computers that are experiencing problems with their operating system, filesystem, or hardware components.

The Linux rescue disk is made available as a bootable ISO file. Featuring a tool kit that includes a range of useful utilities for disk management, file management, networking, and administration. Also included are several data recovery apps that can be used to recover data from damaged or corrupted hard drives or partitions. Applications such as GNU Parted, GParted, Partimage, ddrescue, FSArchiver, File system tools, NTFS-3g, sfdisk, Test-disk, memtest, network tools.

One of the key advantages of this distribution is that it can be made into a bootable USB flash drive, which means that it can be used to boot a computer directly from a removable drive without having to boot from the locally installed operating system. This makes it an ideal tool for repairing or recovering systems that can no longer boot as they have been damaged or corrupted in some way.

SystemRescue is open source software and can always be downloaded for free from the project's website. It is regularly updated with new features and bug fixes, and there is an active community of users and developers who contribute to the project.

The following process outlines one way to quickly create your very own bootable SystemRescue flash drive from the ISO file using an already up and running Windows along with YUMI to complete the task.

SystemRescue CD USB

System Rescue CD USB

Distribution Home Page: Project Home Page

Persistent Feature: No (not necessary)


  • Computer that can boot from USB
  • Running Windows 11/10/8 Operating System
  • Flash Drive (Fat32 formatted)
  • systemrescue ISO
  • YUMI

How to copy System Rescue CD to USB from Windows

To copy SystemRescue CD to USB using Windows:

  1. Download and launch YUMI
  2. (1) Select your flash drive from the list of devices.
    (2) Then choose System Rescue from the distro drop down list.
    (3) Browse to the ISO file, and then click Create.
    USB Boot System Rescue CD
  3. Once the YUMI Installer has finished, reboot your PC and set your computers BIOS or Boot menu to boot from the removable flash device.

Finally, upon reboot, you should be presented with a YUMI menu allowing you to select and boot SystemRescue from your flash drive.