Put Mandriva on a USB Flash Drive (Windows)

This simple tutorial explains how to put Mandriva on a USB Flash Drive from within a running Windows environment. Once the Mandriva ISO is installed, the resulting Bootable USB Flash Drive can be used to try out OpenMandriva Live on USB, and or to install OpenMandriva from the Flash Drive to your internal Hard Drive. Instead of using a traditional CD/DVD ROM.

Distribution Home Page: openmandriva.org

Minimum Flash Drive Capacity: Depends on the ISO used.

Persistent Feature: No

Mandriva Live USB Flash Drive Creation Essentials

  • Windows PC capable of booting from USB
  • Open Mandriva ISO
  • USB Flash Drive or External SSD
  • Universal USB Installer (UUI)

How to Run OpenMandriva from a USB Flash Drive

  1. Download the OpenMandriva ISO file.
  2. Download and launch the Universal USB Installer. From the distribution list, select the "Try Unlisted ISO (Grub)" option. Then follow the onscreen instructions to perform the conversion of the ISO to USB.
  3. Once the Universal USB Installer has finished, restart your PC and set your UEFI/BIOS or Boot Menu to boot from the USB device. Save your changes and then reboot, booting into Mandriva on the next boot.

If all went smoothly, you should now be running Open Mandriva Live from your USB Flash Drive.

OpenMandriva Live shown running from a Bootable USB

OpenMandriva Live USB

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