Permanently remove information from your USB Drive

The following tutorial explains how to permanently remove deleted information from your USB flash drive or any other partition making the deleted information (for the most part) non-recoverable. We are able to accomplish this task by zeroing out the empty space on the drive using dd. There are many great uses for dd, from forensic data recovery and data backup to zeroing out empty drive space.

Zeroing out the empty space and making deleted information non-recoverable:

  1. Create a dummy file named junk.bin on the USB flash drive
  2. Open a terminal and type sudo su
  3. Type fdisk -l and locate the partition you would like to zero out
  4. Type mkdir /tmp/ddusb
  5. Type mount -o loop /dev/sdxx /tmp/ddsdb (replacing sdxxx with your partition)
  6. Type dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/ddusb/junk.bin
  7. Type rm /tmp/ddusb/junk.bin

Thats all. Now any empty space on this partition has been filled with zeros and the deleted information that was once on your USB flash drive has been overwritten.

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