Install Pendrive Linux V1 from CD

The following tutorial will enable a user to install USB Pen Drive Linux to a flash pen drive or other USB device via a customized basic Debian Linux Live CD. This installation method is especially convenient for those who may currently be running Windows on their computer and or do not have easy access to a Linux PC to otherwise perform the installation to USB via Linux.

This version is obsolete and no longer supported.

Basic Essentials:

  • 1GB or larger USB flash drive (512MB will work but is not recommended)
  • Pendrivelinux.iso
  • PC with a CD Burner

Installing pendrivelinux to USB via CD:

  1. Download the ISO file and burn it to a CD
  2. Insert a 1GB or larger USB flash pen drive
  3. Restart your PC (booting from the CD)
  4. (Note there is no GUI) Once booted you will be presented with a blinking curser, type sudo su
  5. Type fdisk -l and note which device is your USB device. Example:/dev/sdX (X represents your USB drive letter. Through the rest of this tutorial, replace X with your actual drive letter)
  6. Type dd if=pendrivelinux.img of=/dev/sdX

Creating a second partition for saving changes:

  1. Type fdisk /dev/sdX
    1. Type n (makes a new partition)
    2. Type p (makes the new partition a primary partition)
    3. Type 2 (makes this the 2nd primary partition)
    4. Hit enter to accept the default first cylinder
    5. Hit enter again to accept the default last cylinder
    6. Type w (writes the new partition information to the USB drive)
  2. Type mkfs.ext2 -b 4096 -L live-rw /dev/sdX2
  3. Type reboot to restart your PC. (remove the CD and press ENTER when prompted)
  4. Now set your system BIOS or boot priority to boot from the USB stick, boot and enjoy!

Notes: Type live persistent at the boot prompt to access the second partition and save or restore changes. Otherwise the system will boot in LIVE mode.

There is no root password by default. To set a root password simply open a terminal and type sudo passwd root and then set the password you would like to use for root access.

The default pendrivelinux username is user. Default user password is live

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