PCLinuxOS 07 Test release

TexStar's PCLinuxOS team has released a new 2007 test candidate. This release is not final, but is available for the public to download and try. One of the major differences we have noticed, revolves around the Look and Feel of this version. The PCLinuxOS design team has spent some quality time revamping the bootsplash, Icons and more, giving this release much eye candy. This version appears to boot much quicker than previous releases as well.

PCLinuxOS 07 Screenshots

Key Features of PCLinuxOS 2007:

  • Kernel
  • KDE 3.5.6
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Flash 9
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Open Office 2.1.0
  • Xorg 7.1
  • Beryl, Compiz, Aixgl and Xgl for 3D graphics support
  • Gcc 4.1.1 and updated glibc
  • Updated bootsplash, icons, and more from the beautification project.
  • Xdg Menu system
  • Rebuild and update entire repository against new gcc and glibc
  • Simplified Livecd boot options.
  • Where to download:

    1. Mirror 1
    2. Mirror 2
    3. Mirror 3
    4. Mirror 4

    This version works well using Virtual Box

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