My SLAX Creator (Alternate USB Flash Drive install Method)

My Slax Creator is a great tool to use for remastering your ISO’s. You can also use it to extract your ISO to a USB Stick or burn to a CD. There are quite a few nice options in My Slax Creator… I have not found it to be 100% bug-proof, but it does have some great features and will get the job done.

MySLAX Creator Screenshot

My Slax Creator Screenshots

You can download MySLAX Creator from the official site HERE


  • Install MySLAX Creator
  • Plug in your USB Stick
  • Start MySLAX Creator
  • Click Next

Step 1: Select source type (ISO Default)

  • Select a Slax ISO Image Indicated by arrow (browse to your Slax.iso)

Step 2: Click the Mount tab

Step 3: Click the USB Stick tab

My Slax Creator Steps 1-3

Step 4: Select the USB Drive

Step 5: Click the Create USB Stick tab

My Slax Creator Steps 4-5

Once the process is finished, you should be able to boot from the USB Device.