KNOPPIX Persistent – Saving settings to USB

Once you have successfully booted Knoppix Linux from your USB flash thumbdrive, you might find that there are changes you would like to make and settings you need to adjust. After getting everything the way you want it, you will need to save your changed settings back to the stick and have them automatically applied at boot. The following instructions illustrate how to boot from Knoppix Linux, save your settings to the USB thumbdrive and then restore those saved settings upon reboot.

Note: For Knoppix 5.3.1 running from USB, you will need to use a second flashdrive to store the persistent image, since the entire drive your running from is mounted. Once the image has been created, you can copy the image back to the flashdrive that contains your Portable Knoppix.

Creating a Persistent Knoppix home directory on the USB flash drive

  1. Click the Knoppix penguin located in the panel at the bottom of your screen. From the Menu, select Configure-> Create a persistent Knoppix disk imageGetting started with Knoppix Persistent on USB
  2. Click Yes in the box that pops up to proceed!Knoppix USB Persistent… click yes to proceed
  3. Choose the partition that corresponds to your “USB flash thumbdrive”. For example /dev/sdc2Knoppix USB Persistent… Storage device selection
  4. You will be asked if you want to encrypt the file that will be created on the flash drive. This is optional, so you may click No.
  5. Enter the size in megabytes you would like your Knoppix home directory to be. For example, enter “200” for 200 MB. Click OK.
  6. Wait while Knoppix prepares the flash thumbdrive. If the drive has an activity light, you will see it flashing. Wait while Knoppix completes the setup process.
  7. Knoppix will now inform you of what to type at the boot prompt to use the persistent Knoppix home directory on your flash drive. Knoppix should automatically find the persistent image at boot, but, make a note of what it says, then click OK.
  8. You must reboot for the change to take effect. Shut down Knoppix and restart your computer.
  9. On reboot a Knoppix configuration menu should pop up stating that Knoppix has found a home directory on your device.
  10. Select OK and the USB flash thumbdrive will now be used for the home directory of the Knoppix user.

Now you can optionally recall your stored settings from the USB flash drive and Knoppix will merge your saved settings during boot.

Notes: With Knoppix 5.3.1, you will need to make your selection in step 10 quickly or the system will boot without using the persistent image.