Knoppix Cheatcodes

Knoppix Cheatcodes Here is a complete list of almost every available Cheatcode option for KNOPPIX. Cheatcodes enable you to modify the boot parameters and are used to pass options to KNOPPIX which help get it working on difficult hardware. Any of the Cheatcodes in the following list, can be combined to work at boot from the SYSLINUX bootprompt:

Cheatcode Usage Example: knoppix lang=de desktop=gnome

Knoppix Cheatcodes and their functions:

knoppix lang=ch|cn|de|da|es|fr|it

specify language/keyboard

knoppix lang=nl|pl|ru|sk|tr|tw|us

specify language/keyboard

knoppix gmt

Use GMT-based time

knoppix tz=Europe/Berlin

Use this timezone for TZ

knoppix desktop=fluxbox|gnome|icewm

Use specified WM instead of KDE (1)

knoppix desktop=kde|lg3d|larswm

Use specified WM instead of KDE (2)

knoppix desktop=openbox|twm

Use specified WM instead of KDE (3)

knoppix desktop=wmaker|xfce|xfce4

Use specified WM instead of KDE (4)

knoppix screen=1280×1024

Use specified Screen resolution for X

knoppix xvrefresh=60 (or vsync=60)

Use 60 Hz vertical refresh rate for X

knoppix xhrefresh=80 (or hsync=80)

Use 80 kHz horizontal refresh rate for X

knoppix xserver=XFree86|XF86_SVGA

Use specified X-Server

knoppix xmodule=ati|fbdev|i810|mga

Use specified XFree4-Module (1)

knoppix xmodule=nv|radeon|savage|s3

Use specified XFree4-Module (2)

knoppix xmodule=radeon|svga|i810

Use specified XFree4-Module (3)

knoppix 2

Runlevel 2, Textmode only

knoppix floppyconfig

Run "" from a floppy

knoppix myconf=/dev/sda1

Run "" from a partition

knoppix myconf=scan (or config=scan)

Try to find "" automatically

knoppix home=/mnt/sda1/knoppix.img

Mount loopback file as /home/knoppix

knoppix home=scan

Automatic search for knoppix homedir

knoppix no{apic,agp,apm,audio,ddc}

Skip parts of HW-detection (1)

knoppix no{dhcp,fstab,firewire}

Skip parts of HW-detection (2)

knoppix no{pcmcia,scsi,swap,udev}

Skip parts of HW-detection (3)

knoppix nousb

Skip parts of HW-detection (4)

knoppix nousb2

Disable USB 2.x extension

knoppix noideraid

Disable IDE-Raiddisk detection

knoppix pnpbios=off

No PnP Bios initialization

knoppix acpi=off

Disable ACPI Bios completely

knoppix acpi=force

FORCE ACPI Bios initialization


Boot with (almost) no HW-detection

knoppix pci=irqmask=0x0e98

Try this, if PS/2 mouse doesn't work *)

knoppix pci=bios

Workaround for bad PCI controllers

knoppix ide2=0x180 nopcmcia

Boot from PCMCIA-CD-Rom (some notebooks)

knoppix mem=128M

Specify Memory size in MByte

knoppix dma

Enable DMA accelleration for ALL IDE-Drives

knoppix noeject

Do NOT eject CD after halt

knoppix noprompt

Do NOT prompt to remove the CD

knoppix vga=normal

No-framebuffer mode, but X

knoppix blind

Start Braille-Terminal (no X)

knoppix brltty=type,port,table

Parameters for Braille device

knoppix wheelmouse

Enable IMPS/2 protocol for wheelmice

knoppix nowheelmouse

Force plain PS/2 protocol for PS/2-mouse


Use fixed framebuffer graphics (1)


Use fixed framebuffer graphics (2)


Use fixed framebuffer graphics (3)

knoppix keyboard=us xkeyboard=us

Use different keyboard (text/X)

knoppix splash

Boot with fancy background splashscreen + animations + progress bar

knoppix toram

Copy CD to RAM and run from there

knoppix tohd=/dev/hda1

Copy CD to HD partition and run from there

knoppix fromhd

Skip checking for Knoppix on CD-ROM

knoppix fromhd=/dev/hda1

Boot from previously copied CD-Image

knoppix bootfrom=/dev/hda1

Access Image then boot from previously copied CD-Image (enables booting from NTFS / ReiserFS)

knoppix bootfrom=/dev/hda1/KNX.iso

Access image, boot from ISO-Image

knoppix knoppix_dir=KNOPPIX

Directory to search for on the CD

knoppix knoppix_name=KNOPPIX

Cloop-File to search for on the CD

knoppix testcd

Check CD data integrity and md5sums


Interactive setup for experts


Debug boot process

Knoppix Cheatcodes published under USB Boot Cheatcodes