Install Knoppix 6.0 to a USB Flash Drive using the CD

In the following Knoppix 6.0 (MicroKnoppix) Linux USB installation tutorial, we show you how to Install Knoppix 6.0 Adriane on a USB flash drive using the built in "Flash-Knoppix" installer on the Live CD. Knoppix 6.0 Adriane (Audio Desktop Reference Implementation And Networking Environment) v1.1 was released 01/28/2009 by Klaus Knopper and has been completely rebuilt from scratch to be based on the Debian Lenny Kernel.

A little more about (MicroKnoppix) Knoppix 6.0 Adriane v1.1:

One important feature of Knoppix 6.0 Adriane is the screen reader (orca), which makes this Linux version super user friendly for the visually impaired. The screen reader is with you from the moment the system starts. In addition, Knoppix 6 utilizes a custom menu to allow you to start only what you want without running a full X session. For example, you can launch just the email client or web browser instead of loading the entire desktop. This time around, Knoppix 6.0 incorporates the lightweight LXDE desktop making it functional on low end machines as well.

Distribution Home Page:

Minimum Flash Drive Capacity: 1GB

Persistent Feature: Yes

Knoppix 6.0 (MicroKnoppix) with LXDE Desktop Screenshot:

Knoppix 6.0 LXDE Desktop

Installing Knoppix 6.0 to USB using the Flash-Knoppix installer:

  1. Download Knoppix 6.0 via a torrent client and burn the ISO to a CD
  2. Restart your computer, booting from the Knoppix 6.0 Live CD
  3. From the Adriane menu, arrow down, select Setup and press Enter Select Setup from the Adriane Menu
  4. Next, arrow down and select Store on Flashdisk, then press Enter Select the option to Store on Flashdisk
  5. Follow the remaining onscreen instructions to create your USB Knoppix 6.0 flash drive
  6. Once the process has finished, remove your Knoppix 6.0 CD and reboot, setting your boot menu to boot from your Flash-Knoppix USB flash drive

Knoppix 6.0 Boot options that can be entered at startup:

adriane – (default option) Start ADRIANE with speech assistant

knoppix – (bypass the menu and speech assistant) Start KNOPPIX in full graphical X environment

(The following can be amended to either boot option for troubleshooting)

acpi=off noapic nolapic pci=bios

More information on MicroKnoppix can be found at the Official Knoppix Site.

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