Create a USB Bootable Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD)

How To Create a USB Bootable Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD) Flash Drive from Windows using YUMI. Ultimate Boot CD is an awesome popular PC diagnostics tool. It condenses over 100 useful PC diagnostics and hardware troubleshooting software utilities into a single ISO. Included are popular utilities such as BIOS and CPU Tools, Memory Testers, Data Backup and Recovery Software, Diagnostic Tools and more. Each tool can be quickly launched from the UBCD Menu. Further eliminating a need for separate installs of each included tool.

USB Bootable Ultimate Boot CD

USB UBCD (Ultimate Boot CD)

Distribution Home Page:

Persistent Feature: No

USB Ultimate Boot CD (UBCD) prerequisites:

  • YUMI (does the conversion)
  • USB flash drive (fat32 formatted)
  • A windows host PC to perform the build

How to Run Ultimate Boot CD from USB

  1. Download and launch the -> YUMI Bootable USB creation software.
  2. (1) First, Select your Flash Drive from the list of devices. (2) Next, choose Ultimate Boot CD (Diagnostic Tools) from the expansive list of distros. (3) Browse to your ISO, and then click Create.
    USB Bootable Ultimate Boot CD
  3. Once YUMI has completed the installation, restart your PC and set your BIOS or Boot Menu to boot from the USB device. Save your changes and then reboot.

Finally, upon reboot, you should notice a Menu option that you can select to continue booting Ultimate Boot CD from your USB stick.