Install a new mbr to your USB flash device

Some USB flash drives are notorious for having problems with corrupted master boot records. If your system refuses to boot from the flash memory stick, the mbr may be at fault. To fix this, you can use the mbr package to install a new master boot record. Credit goes to BHSPitMonkey for pointing out this fix. The troubled drive he encountered was a Kingston Data Traveler 2GB unit.

This tutorial was written from a Ubuntu Linux operating environment. Other Linux environments may work as well.

Fixing the Master Boot Record:

We will be installing the mbr package and then use it to create the new mbr on the USB flash drive

  1. Open a terminal ctrl+alt+t and type sudo su
  2. Type apt-get install mbr
  3. Type fdisk -l to find out which device is your flash drive
  4. Type install-mbr /dev/sdx (replacing x with your flash device)

Hopefully this will help you get a not so cooperative flash drive to boot.

Install a new mbr to your USB flash device published under USB Help and Flash Drive Tools