How to change the Debian Menu Icon

The following tutorial covers the process of changing the default Debian Menu Icon to a custom Icon and in addition change the Debian Menu name. This is for those of us that prefer to use a pure Debian Linux Operating environment or a remix that is based on Debian. This process was tested using a clean install of Debian Etch. Other Debian releases may vary.

How to change the Debian Menu Icon:

  1. Create a custom icon and name it custom.png
  2. Move the icon to the following directory:
  3. /usr/share/pixmaps/

  4. Press Alt+F2 and type alacarte
  5. Right click Debian from the list and select properties.
  6. Change the Debian name to your desired name
  7. Click the icon image and browse to your custom.png file and select it.
  8. Close the window and enjoy the new icon! :)

Notes: Alternately you can simply replace the Debian Menu Icon by overwriting the original debian-logo.png file found in the /usr/share/pixmaps directory with your custom image.