Install CrunchBang Linux to Flash Drive using the CD

The following tutorial covers the process of creating a CrunchBang Linux USB Flash Drive by typing a few commands while running from the CrunchBang Live CD. In addition, the casper persistence feature will be utilized to allow a user to save and restore changes automatically. CrunchBang Linux is based on Ubuntu, featuring a lightweight Openbox window manager.

CrunchBang Desktop Screenshot

CrunchBang Linux Desktop Screenshot

Distribution Home Page: CrunchBang

Minimum Flash Drive Capacity: 2GB

Persistent Feature: Yes

CrunchBang Persistent USB Flash Drive Creation Essentials

  • CrunchBang CD
  • Working internet connection
  • 2GB or larger USB Flash Drive

Creating a CrunchBang Persistent Flash Drive from the Live CD

  1. Download the CrunchBang ISO and burn it to a CD
  2. Reboot your PC from the CrunchBang Live CD
  3. Insert your USB flash drive
  4. Open "terminal emulator" and type sudo su
  5. Now type fdisk -l to list available drives/partitions (note which device is your flash drive Example: /dev/sdb). Throughout this tutorial, replace all instances of x with your flash drive letter. For example, if your flash drive is sdb, replace x with b.
  6. Type fdisk /dev/sdx
    • type p to show the existing partition and d to delete it
    • type p again to show any remaining partitions (if partitions exist, repeat the previous step)
    • type n to make a new partition
    • type pfor primary partition
      • type 1 to make this the first partition
      • hit enter to use the default 1st cylinder
      • hit enter again to use the default last cylinder
      • type a to make this partition active
      • type 1 to select partition 1
      • type t to change the partition filesystem
      • type 6 to select the fat16 file system
      • type w to write the new partition table
  7. Remove and reinsert your flash drive
  8. Type umount /dev/sdx1
  9. Type mkfs.vfat -F 32 -n CrunchBang /dev/sdx1
  10. Type apt-get install syslinux
  11. Type syslinux -f /dev/sdx1
  12. Remove and reinsert your flash drive again
  13. Type cd /live/image
  14. Type cp -rfv .disk dists install isolinux live pool md5sum.txt /media/CrunchBang
  15. Type cd /media/CrunchBang
  16. Type wget
  17. Type dd if=/dev/zero of=casper-rw bs=1M count=1024
    • replacing 1024 with the (size in MB) you wish to use for saving changes persistently
  18. Type mkfs.ext3 -F casper-rw
  19. Reboot your computer and set your BIOS boot priority or Boot Menu to boot from the USB device. Save your changes and proceed to boot from your CrunchBang USB device