CoLinux Portable Ubuntu for Windows

Portable Ubuntu Remix for Windows (Pubuntu) is a project headed by Claudio Cacsar Sa¡nchez Tejeda. It uses CoLinux (Cooperative Linux) to enable a user to run Ubuntu on top of Windows. CoLinux, a port of the Linux Kernel, is an open source virtual machine that works much like Qemu, but most claim it is much faster. And finally, Ubuntu is a fork of Debian, and a product of Canonical Ltd.

In the following segment, we cover how to install and run Ubuntu alongside Windows. Directly from a USB flash drive or other external device. Allowing you to share your Windows desktop with Linux.

CoLinux Portable Ubuntu Remix

Running Linux on top of , within, or alongside Windows.

Notice the top edge Ubuntu panel or taskbar in the screenshot below.

CoLinux Portable Ubuntu

Distribution Home Page: Project Home Page

Minimum Flash Drive Capacity: 2GB

Persistent Feature: Yes

Ubuntu on Windows Prerequisites:

  • 2GB or larger USB device
  • Windows Host (tested on Windows XP)
  • Portable_Ubuntu.exe

Create a Portable Ubuntu USB Flash Drive

    1. Download Portable Ubuntu Remix.
    2. Insert your USB  flash drive.
    3. Run Portable_Ubuntu.exe extracting its contents to your USB device.
  1. Click run_portable_ubuntu.bat from the Portable_Ubuntu Folder on your USB device to launch Ubuntu.

You should see a Top Edge Panel Taskbar which you can use to run your Ubuntu applications from within Windows.  Essentially allowing you to run Ubuntu alongside Windows.

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