Using and Configuring Linux

Using and configuring Linux for general use. How to information and tutorials for Linux beginners.

Ubuntu Edgy Beryl installation

This step by step tutorial explains how a user can install Beryl on Ubuntu Edgy. Beryl is a fork of the Compiz desktop window manager. It is an openGL accelerated desktop that allows the Linux user to attain awesome breathtaking special 3D effects with their personal desktop environment. The desktop effects are reminiscent to that …

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Ubuntu Linux Shell Commands quick reference

The following is a quick reference list of some useful Ubuntu shell commands along with a short description of common usage. There are more, but this basic list was created to help familiarize the newly introduced Ubuntu user who might be migrating from a Windows operating environment. *Ubuntu is a product of Canonical Ltd

How to install deb packages

This tutorial is for those who use Ubuntu, Debian or a derivative of Debian Linux and have downloaded a .deb package that they want to install. Typically you can use synaptic, apt-get or aptitude. However, if the package is not available via the repositories you may need to download and install them yourself.

How to Remove Old Linux Kernels

How to Remove Old Linux Kernels; At some point in time, almost every Ubuntu Linux user will have updated their kernel image. After you’ve used Ubuntu Linux with the new kernel image for a while and you’re content that everything is working properly, you might want to remove the old Linux version or images that …

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