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Mount exFAT USB from Linux

Mount exFAT USB from Linux. How to access and use an exFAT formatted USB Flash Drive from within Linux. Most newer Linux distributions already ship with exFAT FAT64 filesystem support via the FUSE library and related utilities. However, many older Ubuntu based distributions did not. The following solution covers the simple process of enabling exFAT …

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Convert Fat32 to NTFS without losing Data

How to Convert Fat32 to NTFS without encountering data loss. It is possible to Convert from a Fat32 filesystem to NTFS without losing data or reformatting. Due to the 4GB file size limitation imposed upon Fat32 formatted partitions. It is very likely that you will find yourself in this situation at some point in time.

U3 Uninstaller for USB Flash Drive

How to easily Remove the U3 smart software from your USB Flash Pen Drive. “The U3 uninstaller application is available directly from U3”. Most avid users of USB storage media have recently begun to realize that a vast majority of USB flash pen drives manufactured today are packaged with the U3 software. While this software …

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