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Install PCLinuxOS MiniMe to a Flash Drive from CD

This tutorial covers the process of installing PCLinuxOS MiniMe to a USB flash thumb drive from within a Linux operating environment (using the Live CD). PCLinuxOS ranks as our second favorite Distro, trailing just behind Ubuntu. For this tutorial, we are booting from the PCLinuxOS MiniMe CD and using this as the installation platform, however, the installation procedure will work from other environments as well.

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Install KNOPPIX 5.1.1 to a Flash Drive using the CD

The following tutorial will show you how to Install Knoppix 5.1.1 to a USB Flash Drive using the Knoppix Live CD. It is also possible to use the persistent feature after completing this tutorial allowing you to save changes back to the stick. Knoppix is a fully featured Linux distribution based on Debian. It was created by Klaus Knopper. Knoppix has always been feature packed, including hundreds of useful tools and applications not included by default with most other Live Linux distributions.

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Install Ubuntu Edgy to a Flash Drive from CD

Create a Ubuntu Edgy Flash Drive from the Linux CD This tutorial enables you to install, boot and run Ubuntu Linux from USB. When booting Ubuntu in persistent mode, it uses a "casper-rw" partition to save your changes back to the drive, restoring them on each boot. The tutorial is similar to the USB Ubuntu installation tutorial for Windows users with the exception that it was written with a Linux user in mind. If your already working from a Ubuntu Linux desktop environment and do not have access to or prefer not to use a Windows computer, this tutorial is for you.

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