Old USB installs from Windows

Old Windows based USB Linux Flash Drive installation tutorials

Install Ubuntu NetBook Remix to USB

Ubuntu NetBook Remix 10.04   ScreenshotInstall Ubuntu NetBook Remix to USB using Windows. Ubuntu NetBook Remix (UNR) is a NetBook oriented Linux Distribution created by Canonical Ltd.

My SLAX Creator USB Install Method

My SLAX CreatorMy Slax Creator is a great tool to use for remastering your ISO files. You can also use it to extract your ISO to a USB Stick or burn to a CD.

Install MCNLive Toronto to a Flash Drive in Windows

mcnlive toronto screenshotThe following tutorial covers one way to easily install MCNLive Toronto to a USB flash pen drive in just a few steps from within Windows. By using this tutorial, you don't need to burn the ISO to a CD and then run the USB installer from Linux.

Make a Ubuntu USB from the Command line

ubuntu screenshotHow to Manually Make a Ubuntu USB Flash Drive from the command line while running from the Ubuntu Live CD. Upon completion, the user will be able to boot and run a Portable Ubuntu from a USB drive.

USB Simply MEPIS Install using Windows

simply mepisThe following USB Simply MEPIS Install tutorial was created per the request of Jason Frothingham. He couldn't fathom why we didn't list a USB creation tutorial for the once ever so popular Simply MEPIS Linux.

Install PUD Linux to a Flash Drive using Windows

pud linux desktopCreate a PUD Linux USB Flash Drive using Windows. In the following tutorial, we cover the process of installing PUD Linux to a USB Flash Drive using Windows and our custom installation script.

Install MooLux to a USB Flash Drive in Windows

moolux linuxThe following tutorial covers the process of installing MooLux Linux LIVE to a USB Flash Drive using Windows. MooLux is a Live USB Linux distribution based on Slackware that utilizes the KDE desktop environment.

Install Easy Peasy to USB from Windows

Easy Peasy on USBHow to Install Easy Peasy to USB Flash Drive using Windows and the Universal USB Installer. Easy Peasy is a Remix for Netbooks that is based on Ubuntu.

Install YlmF OS to a Flash Drive from Windows

YlmF OS Desktop ScreenshotYlmF OS is a Windows like Linux Operating System based on Ubuntu. It has been themed by its creator to look just like Windows and at first glance it is hard to tell the difference (but it does use unique images and icons).

ALL In One PenDriveLinux 2008

all in one qemu pendrivelinux 2008This ALL In One PenDriveLinux 2008 version can be run from a USB flash drive either natively (as a stand alone Operating System at boot), or from within Windows as a Virtual Machine. Moreover, the user can save installed software, changes, bookmarks, email, contacts and more automatically via a persistent loop image and then restore those changes upon subsequent Qemu or native boots.

Create a MiniMe 2008 USB Flash Drive from Windows

The following tutorial will show you how to easily install PCLinuxOS MiniMe 2008 to a USB flash drive using Windows. This enables a user to quickly create a portable version of PCLinuxOS MiniMe 2008 without having to go through the redundant steps of burning the iso to a CD and then booting from the CD to perform the USB flash drive install from another iso.