Make Bootable USB from Linux

How to make a bootable USB from Linux. So you can Live USB boot and install from a flash drive.

Boot Multiple ISO from USB via GRUB2

Use fdisk  l to locate usb deviceBoot Multiple ISO from USB using GRUB2 from Linux. Here is one way to manually create a Multiboot USB Flash Drive (Multiboot ISOs) from a running Linux environment.

Installing GRUB2 on USB from Linux

Ubuntu 20.04 DesktopHow to Install Grub2 on USB from Linux to make a BIOS an UEFI bootable USB that can boot on all Machines. In the following tutorial, I'll show you one way of easily installing Grub2 Bootloader to a USB Flash Drive from an up and running Linux Operating Environment.

Create a Casper-RW Larger than 4GB

GParted   Create a New Ext2 PartitionCreate a Casper-RW Larger than 4GB; The following tutorial will show you one way to create a writable Casper partition on your USB flash drive. The benefit of using a casper-rw partition as opposed to a casper-rw block file is that you can expand your persistent storage beyond 4GB.

MultiSystem Create a MultiBoot USB from Linux

Drag and Drop ISOsHow to Create a MultiBoot USB flash drive from Linux: Multisystem is an awesome little tool created by LiveUSB. It works similar to the Windows based YUMI MultiBootISOs USB Creator, but was created specifically for use within Linux.