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Use a Floppy Image to USB Boot

volume labelUse a Floppy Image to USB Boot; If you have a system that does not support booting from a USB device, but do have a floppy drive, you can try to boot Linux from a USB flash drive using a Grub Boot floppy disk. When using a Boot floppy with a Grub boot loader, Grub locates the USB partition and then attempts to boot loading vmlinuz and initrd.

Cairo Dock Black Background Fix

cairo dock with emulated transparencyHow to Fix the Cairo Dock Black Background problem. On many Linux systems when hardware rendering is disabled and a composite manager is disabled, Cairo themes will display a black box or rectangle behind the dock.

Running Makeboot.bat in Vista

right click and run as administratorSome Windows Vista users may experience an issue when attempting to run the makeboot.bat file from their USB drive.

Changing the Ubuntu Start Menu Panel Icon

The following tutorial covers the process of changing or replacing the Gnome start menu panel icon with your own custom gnome panel icon. Enabling you to customize the look of your Ubuntu.

Run Syslinux from Windows 98/ME

Syslinux can be run under many different Windows operating environments including DOS. The following document lists a couple examples of how to use syslinux depending on your operating environment.