Cairo Dock Black Background Fix

How to Fix the Cairo Dock Black Background problem. On many Linux systems when hardware rendering is disabled and a composite manager is disabled, Cairo themes will display a black box or rectangle behind the dock. This issue can be fixed by installing a video hardware driver, activating desktop effects, starting compiz or activating composition in metacity. However, to quickly address the issue, we can simply emulate a transparent background.

How to quickly Fix the Cairo Black Background Issue

  1. Start your  Cairo-Dock
  2. Right Click on the Dock and select Cairo-Dock > ConfigureCairo Dock Black Background
  3. Under the Behaviour Section, Click SystemCairo-Dock Configuration System
  4. (1) Scroll down to Composition and check the box "Emulates composition with fake transparency" (2) Click OK Emulate Composition Cairo Dock

If all goes well, your Cairo Dock should now look similar to this:

Cairo Dock with Emulated Transparency