All In One Pendrivelinux 2008

This ALL In One version of Pendrivelinux 2008 can be run from a USB thumbdrive either natively (as a stand alone Operating System at boot), or within Windows using qemu emulation. Moreover, the user can save installed software, changes, bookmarks, email, contacts and more automatically via a persistent loop image and then restore those changes upon subsequent qemu or native boots. This is a major breakthrough as the user can now run Pendrivelinux 2008 from a USB device even if the computer cannot natively boot from USB and still save changes persistently to be restored regardless of whether booting natively or from qemu.

Kudo’s goes out to Gerardo Nevarez for the preparation of initrd.gz to make both Native and Qemu Pendrivelinux 2008 boot processes possible while running persistently.


  • Do not attempt to use the USB drive while running Pendrivelinux via Qemu or you will corrupt the filesystem.
  • By default, Pendrivelinux will setup user networking, so that you can mount shares on the host computer by pointing to smb:// You have to set the network card to use DHCP.

All In One Pendrivelinux 2008 running Natively:

Pendrivelinux 2008 Screenshot

ALL In One Pendrivelinux 2008 running via Qemu:

All In One Qemu Pendrivelinux 2008


  • 1GB or larger USB flash drive (fat32 formatted)
  • Windows Host to perform the install
  • PC must be able to boot from USB

Installing All In One Pendrivelinux 2008 from Windows:

ALL In One Pendrivelinux 2008  is obsolete and is no longer available.

  1. Download
  2. Extract the contents from to your USB device
  3. From your USB device, click makeboot.bat to make the drive bootable

Launching All In One Pendrivelinux 2008:

There are two ways to run Pendrivelinux (1) Natively (2) Qemu:

  1. For Native boot, reboot your computer and set your boot menu or BIOS to boot from the USB thumbdrive, save your settings and continue to boot
  2. For Qemu boot, simply launch qemu.bat from the USB thumbdrive and Pendrivelinux will launch within Windows. However, please note that this does NOT work in Vista yet!

Login and passwords:

User: root password: root

User: guest password: guest

Additional notes: A loopfile with a capacity of 256MB has already been created on the USB flash device. If you would like to use a larger loopfile for saving changes, boot using the Boot Live (non persistent) option. Then delete the mcnlive.loop file on your flash drive and create a new VFAT loopfile by clicking the Penguin in the Taskbar and navigating to Pendrivelinux-> Create persistent loop and following the onscreen instructions.

Create persistent loop

The Remaster Live script used to create Pendrivelinux is included in the download as is seen in the screenshot above, just before the Create persistent loop entry.
This remaster was made from MCNLive and is based on the free Mandriva Linux distribution “without changing the source”. Sources are available from and distrib-coffee or from one of the mirrors.