Boot and Run Linux from Bootable USB

Take your favorite USB Linux Portable Operating System with you!
Install boot and run Linux from a bootable USB. Tutorials and software to help create a booting flash drive or pen drive. How to easily make a Live Linux USB, install or run Windows entirely from USB, boot antivirus and system tools from USB, and more.

Recommended YUMI Multiboot USB Creator Updated: 14 Mar, 2023
NEW Run Windows 11 from USB inside a Virtual Hard Disk (VHDx)
Legacy Universal USB Installer (UUI) Updated: 2 Aug, 2022

Boot and run your favorite operating systems and CD tools from a USB drive. Take your portable operating system with you to run at any computer that can boot from a USB device. You can also Boot Multiple ISO files from a flash drive or micro sd card by using Multiboot Installer tools like YUMI to create a Multisystem UFD.

Run Linux from USB - Boot from USB Flash Drive

Multibooting allows you to store and run several Linux operating systems, Windows installers, Windows to Go, Windows PE, system diagnostic utilities, antivirus scanners, penetration testing, cloning tools, backup tools, and more, all from the same removable device. Resulting in your own custom personalized bootable diagnostic tool kit that you can put on a keychain or carry in your pocket.

Helping You make Live Linux Boot from USB since 2006

This site provides tutorials and tools that make booting a computer from a removable UFD, easy. Enabling you to walk up to any available PC, insert a thumb drive, do your work, shut down, unplug the device and carry on with your day. All without leaving any traces on the host computer system that the removable media was booted from.

Best Tools to Create a Bootable USB

The following Linux Live USB Creator software tools and utilities can help you quickly get a flash drive booting. Easily install, boot, and then run Linux, Diagnostic Tools, Antivirus Scanners, Windows Installers, Windows PE, Windows to Go, and more, all from a removable pen drive, flash device or Live SSD.

YUMI – Multiboot USB Creator

YUMI - Multi Boot MenuYUMI (Your USB Multiboot Installer) is a Multiboot USB Boot Creator that can be used to make a Multisystem flash drive. ...

Universal USB Installer – Boot from USB

UUI - Universal USB InstallerUniversal USB Installer (Imager) aka UUI is a Live Linux Bootable USB Creator Software. This ISO to USB imaging tool ...

Write ISO to USB – Win32 Disk Imager

Backup USB to Image Win32How to easily write ISO to USB, burn IMG to USB, create backups, clone a flash drive and more. Win32 Disk Imager is a ...

Etcher – Burn ISO to USB – Clone USB Drive

Etcher Flash ISO to USBEver wondered How to Burn ISO to USB? How about Clone USB Drive? Etcher is a freely available tool that can be used to ...

Virtual Machine Emulation

Using Virtual Machine Emulation like VirtualBox or Qemu to Run Linux on Windows.

Run Portable VirtualBox from USB

Portable VirtualBox - Running Linux on Windows from USBCan you Run VirtualBox from USB? Yes, Portable VirtualBox was an unofficial Portable Wrapper for Virtual Box, created ...

How to Boot a USB Flash Drive in VirtualBox

Select Existing Virtual Disk usb.vmdkHow to Boot a USB Flash Drive in VirtualBox. This process will allow you to run your Portable Linux from the Flash ...

Convert Virtual Machine to Bootable USB

Write a VHD IMG to USBHow to Convert a Virtual Machine VHD VDI into a Bootable USB. The following covers the process of turning VirtualBox ...

Run ISO from Windows using Virtualbox

Virtualbox choose ISO fileRun ISO from Windows without rebooting. The following tutorial explains how to use Virtualbox to run Linux or any other ...

Use Windows to Create a USB Linux

How to create a bootable flash pen drive from Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, XP

Run Windows 11 from USB on VHDx

Windows 11 running on USBEasily Run Windows 11 from USB, fully contained inside a Virtual Hard Disk (VHDx) image file. The following process ...

Put System Rescue CD on USB using Windows

System Rescue CD 1.5.4 DesktopSystem Rescue CD is a Linux-based live system that is designed to provide a variety of tools for repairing and ...

Make an exFAT Bootable USB Flash Drive

open command prompt as adminCan you boot from an exFAT USB? Absolutely, but not by using a typical approach to USB booting. In order to make an ...

Install GRUB2 on USB from Windows

GRUB2How to Install Grub2 on USB from Windows. The following covers the process of installing Grub2 on a USB Flash Drive ...

Make Linux USB Bootable

Using a running Linux CD or DVD to quickly make a USB bootable

Make an exFAT Bootable USB Flash Drive

open command prompt as adminCan you boot from an exFAT USB? Absolutely, but not by using a typical approach to USB booting. In order to make an ...

Boot Multiple ISO from USB via GRUB2

Use fdisk -l to locate usb deviceBoot Multiple ISO from USB using GRUB2 from Linux. Here is one way to manually create a Multiboot USB Flash Drive ...

Installing GRUB2 on USB from Linux

Ubuntu 20.04 DesktopHow to Install Grub2 on USB from Linux to make a BIOS an UEFI bootable USB that can boot on all Machines. In the ...

Create a Casper-RW Larger than 4GB

GParted - Create a New Ext2 PartitionCreate a Casper-RW Larger than 4GB; The following tutorial will show you one way to create a writable Casper partition ...

I would like to thank you all for your continued support over the years. Because of your support, the software, projects, simplified tutorials, and related information provided throughout this website remain accessible to this day.

“This site was originally established as a simple means to share useful information about booting Linux from USB. This was done in hopes that by sharing whilst learning, I might help others who may also be looking to find ways to easily boot and then run their Live ISO files, Windows installers, PE, antivirus scanners, cloning software, and various other useful diagnostic tools – all from a UFD.” ~ Lance

Tux – Boot and Run Linux from USB

Linux Bootable USBFast forward – 16 years later, Pen Drive Tux is still alive and kicking. Continuing the mission to help you easily make a Bootable USB.