Boot DOS from USB

Creating a DOS Bootable USB Flash drive to "Boot DOS from USB", is not very complicated. However, a tool called Rufus, created by Pete Batard, can make this task simple. Rufus can also be used to create a Bootable USB version of a given distro from an ISO File. Rufus is similar in appearance and operation to the HP USB Format tool "HPUSBFW.exe", and shares many of the same features. However, Rufus is Open Source.

Booting DOS from USB

How to Create a DOS Bootable USB Flash Drive that can ultimately be used to Run DOS from USB, using Rufus.

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  1. Download Rufus and launch the program
  2. (1) Select your USB Device from the drop down, (2) Choose the Fat32 filesystem, (3) Tick the option to Create a DOS bootable disk Boot DOS From USB
  3. Click the Start button to create the DOS Bootable Drive
  4. Restart your PC, setting your BIOS to boot from the USB device, boot and enjoy!

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